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Our Story

Our Story

Blamoh and Nick first met in February 2014 at the CD release celebration concert for Moment to Moment, a jazz recording project that Nick co-led with pianist Cava Menzies. While Blamoh loved the CD and Nick's soulful trumpet playing, she was there to support Cava, her dear friend whom she'd known since they were pre-teens singing together in the San Francisco Girls Chorus. After the concert ended, while waiting to say hello to Cava, Blamoh spotted Nick signing CDs, introduced herself, and congratulated him on a show well done.

Fast-forward to the spring of 2017: After more than six months of long-distance driving from Oakland to St. Helena and back for her new position at Adventist Health, Blamoh finally moved into an apartment in downtown Napa to shorten her workweek commute. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (literally), Nick and his loyal terrier companion, “Satchmo,” were living in the countryside just south of Napa. Discovering that the beautiful woman with the radiant smile and exotic name (who was, by all accounts, clearly out of his league) lived only a short 15-minute drive away from him, Nick mustered up the courage to reach out to Blamoh and nonchalantly suggest, "Hey, we should grab dinner together sometime..." And on Saturday of that very same weekend, on April Fools Day (no foolin’!), the two went on out their first date, at Eiko's Sushi in downtown Napa. In their dates that followed over the next several months, Blamoh and Nick enjoyed sharing the numerous passions they had in common, including a love of gourmet cuisine, artisan cheese, fine wine, classic cocktails, travel, jazz, soul, R&B, and funk music, undeniable love for each other.

In March of 2018, Blamoh moved back to her home in Oakland after accepting another career-advancing opportunity, this time at Kaiser Permanente. And, in late August of 2018⁠—in order to shorten their weekend commutes to each other⁠—Nick moved to Oakland to live with Blamoh.

Given that the couple had regularly attended live concerts throughout their courtship, going to Las Vegas over a weekend to see one of their favorite bands⁠—Earth, Wind & Fire⁠—didn’t raise any particular suspicions from Blamoh. However, on March 23rd, 2019, Nick had much more planned. After grooving at the concert that night, Nick surprised her with a reserved private booth at Rosina, their favorite cocktail lounge in the Palazzo Hotel. And over a bottle of rosé champagne and strawberries, Nick read Blamoh a poem he had written for her and asked her to marry him. (Given that you’ve received a “save the date” card and are now reading this story on our official wedding website, you’ve probably—and quite correctly—concluded that her response was “yes.”)

Blamoh and Nick are looking forward to being married to each other and already have plans to add “a little one” to the family.

(A hypoallergenic dog, that is.)

They are planning to honeymoon in the spring of 2021. Wherever they decide to go, you can bet that gourmet cuisine, artisan cheese, fine wine, classic cocktails, music—and a whole lot of joy and love—will be involved.
Christie Kelly